Accelerating The
Energy Transition

Constantly improving on the best in
battery energy storage systems

From cutting-edge artificial intelligence to the state-of-the-art in lithium ion battery energy storage systems ("BESS"), SMT Energy is setting the standard for the future of energy. And we’re aiming for net-zero.

The leaders behind tomorrow’s energy resources

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Evolving to meet new energy needs

Take a snapshot of today’s energy grid, and you’ll discover that a majority of our energy is produced to fill the demand of the day. But many sustainable sources of energy like wind or solar are not reliable or on-demand.

The solution is robust investments in battery storage — at a scale that provides peerless resiliency for a more efficient energy grid.

A new approach
to battery systems

Most battery systems today operate from guaranteed offtake agreements; they have fixed-pricing contracts. However, SMT Energy utilizes a combination of strategies to maximize commercial optimization for its battery energy storage systems.

We maximize the value of the energy we provide by using advanced machine learning AI systems to charge our batteries when energy is plentiful and discharge when it’s in low supply. As a result, SMT Energy offers unprecedented opportunities for investors, and increased resiliency for end consumers.

SMT Energy Partnerships

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SMT are specialists in large-scale renewable energy projects. We can help position your portfolio for the future.

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